Positioning: Character Creation

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We define your brand character and use it to mobilise your brand.

We used to think positioning was just about, well, positioning. After all, it’s what it says in the text books.

Precision market definition. Laser-guided targeting. Nail that insight. Distil the brand benefit. Prioritise your substantiators. Be clear and concise about your personality and values.

Less is more. Ideally, on one page. In an onion. Or a pyramid. Or a Steering Wheel or a Bulls-eye. (Sorry. The last two were both ours.) All to enable consistent brand behaviour. Clinical, logical, brutal. Preserved in aspic for future generations.

We used to think that less was more, too. Until we realised that less was actually just less. Less clear. Less inspiring. Ultimately less consistent. That we couldn’t actually write the best short story, until we had crafted a good long story.

Yes, we need to define your brand’s proposition, its difference and its relevance. All the critical ingredients of your brand’s competitive advantage. But once we have this we need to craft its character and use it to propel the narrative. Because without an originally crafted character, a brand is not a brand at all. It’s just a product that people know.

And once we have captured its character in a way that neither you nor your agencies will ever forget, we mine the culture for capital. Capital that will inspire you to write the next chapter.

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