Positioning: Brand Positioning

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We challenge and inspire clients to define the source of their brand’s competitive advantage.

Positioning is one of those concepts that is so central to the marketing lexicon that you would expect its meaning to be unambiguous and its application consistently excellent. Our definition is simple. A brand’s positioning should be the source of its competitive advantage.

Over the last 20 years we have positioned over 1,000 brands. Everything from international accountancy firms to flavoured condoms. In every major market. We created the Brand Positioning Steering Wheel, the Bulls-eye and the Brand Key. We know the questions to ask and the pitfalls to avoid.

When you say target, are we talking creative target or consumption target? By competitive set, do you mean brands that have products like you or the brands your consumption target actually chooses between? The Key Consumer Insight. Can you spot one that has the power to energise your brand, among many things that are just true? Can you define what your brand really does better and why? Do you distinguish effectively between benefits (what they get) and attributes (what we have). Levitt’s famous 1/4 inch hole vs. the 1/4 inch drill. And are your truths specific, concrete and unique to you?

Because if they’re not, you will be found out.

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