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01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We put culture under the microscope to find the small emerging changes the world has not yet noticed and harness them to mobilise your brand.

The tipping point, the ripple effect, the wings of a butterfly or the crest of a wave? Where does change really start and how can you drive the bandwagon rather than just jump on it?

When it comes to trends, we look at culture first and numbers second. It’s rather like keeping our ears to the ground to pick up the initial rumbles that warn of an oncoming stampede.

We believe that the brand comes first and the trend comes second. No brand should be a slave to a trend and no trend is important enough to follow no matter what. We focus on defining the trends that will be really significant for your brand and working with you to hone the right approach and expression so you can be a leader in the field, whatever field you’re in (be it whizzy technology, fashion or nappies).

We’ve developed a unique framework made up of 9 cultural fields that serve as a simple and rigorous way of capturing and analysing how culture is changing. When we see significant changes happening across several fields at once we know we are looking at something that is more than just a passing fad. We’ll look at the numbers but that’s not where we start because we believe truly emerging trends are too small to show up in the data.

On top of this we’ve developed a series of approaches and creative techniques that enable us to work with you to locate the right trends for your brand and visualise how the future might look for you if you put them into action. Add to this our army of 3,000 experts, our digital insight platform and 20 years of experience in the field of consumer and culture, and you’ll see there are plenty of people we can call on to help send you off fresh and flexible with all guns blazing into the future.

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