Isn’t it funny? The App Store wins.

09 Aug 2009|Leigh Marinner

When Apple released the iPhone, I’ll bet they never thought that it would be the App Store that eventually gave the iPhone a competitive advantage over Blackberry, Android phones, Palm and other smartphones. That’s what it’s come down to now. Blackberry and Palm phones both have solid advantages over the iPhone (better phone connectivity, better button touch, better networks), but it’s hard to argue against an iPhone enthusiast who’s going on about all their favorite apps. Not to mention the free publicity for iPhone apps that keeps people coming to the iPhone.

Everyone talks about the touch screen, and the design and the easy internet browsing. But I don’t think that’s why most people buy an iPhone now.

And Twitter is benefitting from the same phenomenon. There are lots of cool Twitter add-ons coming out. I hope companies are learning from this (one major client in particular, take note) and making it easy to tap the wisdom of the crowd in this way.

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