Transformational Client Experiences

23 Mar 2009|Steve Diller

Not surprisingly, we’ve focused a great deal of our attention on IP surrounding customer experiences so our clients can compete more effectively. If you have a clear understanding of the full range of experiences your customer might seek from Product Category X, you’re in a much better position to design solutions around the ones that matter most, providing the basis for an enduring competitive advantage.

Increasingly, however, we’re also looking closer to home- the experiences our customers/clients seek from working with us. Too often, consulting firms focus only on problem-solving. We feel that, while this is a necessary pre-condition, it’s an insufficient approach to delivering optional value. The key moving forward is “transformation.”

At its core, this means we’re seeking to ignite our clients’ ability to confidently and profitably transform their world. This can involve transforming their organizations’ ability to nurture innovation. Or, transforming the way markets perceive the value they deliver. Or, given our heritage, transforming their customers’ experience in a way that produces long-term competitive advantage. Or all of the above.

In addition to our corporate clients’ experiences with us, there’s always the more personal aspect of the engagement- the way it feels to work together. Towards that end, we’re working to transform individual clients’ experience of working with a consulting firm, bringing excitement, surprise, and some fun, to every interaction they have with us.  Thinking about the career and other relevant personal objectives of clients also seems essential moving forward.

If a firm sees itself as an experience provider, rather than as a problem-solver, the implications range from complete re-designs of offerings to a transformation of each interaction. In other words, a total re-imagining of objectives as well as tools. Cheskin has always been in a state of re-invention, and this move toward more transformational experiences will continue that process.

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