BfG News Issue 15 - Eco Innovations

15 Sep 2008|Added Value

aCup“I am not a paper cup” a reusable porcelain cup with silicon lid that will definitely appeal to our eco-badge consumers who like to wear their environmental credentials on their bag – we mean cup! Originating in the US, this cooler alternative to the thermos hit the UK shores over the summer.  A baby step toward reducing your carbon footprint.



Green Wikia strives to become a trusted central place to share knowledge about environmental topics and issues. How is it different to Wikipedia? Written from a green point of view, the content is both accessible and focused on things we can do to make a difference.

  hairypotFair trade plants The Hairy Pot Plant Company are a UK based mail-order nursery with a difference.  All their plants come complete with ethically produced, eco-friendly biodegradable pots (made from coconut husk waste) which you plant straight in the ground.  They have an engaging brand story on their website and they’ve perfected sustainable packaging as well. 

 hondaHonda Insight Hybrid 2.0 –  this generated a lot of buzz at the Paris Motor Show. Still officially a concept car but scheduled for production in Spring 2009 with an affordable price tag to rival Toyota Prius. Honda aim to sell 200,000 cars worldwide each year.


 OllieWorn Again Virgin the Ollie wash bag is no ordinary wash bag. All ‘Worn Again’ bags are handmade from recycled materials in Portugal and come with an ingredients list inside which includes: Virgin Atlantic seat covers, seat belts, and post-Glastonbury tents for lining.

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