Global Marketing: Fresh Perspectives Podcast: How Marketing Can Offset Shifts in Economic Trends

31 Aug 2008|Added Value

Hyatt properties are maintaining steady growth via foreign business, despite the economic woes here in the US.  Tim Burger shares his insights with Cheskin’s Miguel Gomez Winebrenner on how to capitalize on opportunities and diversify to maintain at least a zero sum in challenging economic times. His marketing efforts in Japan, Europe and Canada have shown great results, and this has been especially true for Hyatt’s Hawaii properties.

Tim Burger, Global Hyatt Corporation

Tim Burger is currently the Director of Internet Marketing for Global Hyatt Corporation overseeing all aspects of worldwide digital media. Prior to joining Hyatt, Tim was Manager of global media at United Airlines, overseeing the company’s internet and traditional media programs. In addition, Tim spent 4 years with Performics where he managed the search engine marketing division. He led a team of 7 individuals who managed over 150 clients search engine marketing campaigns. Some of his clients included Bose, L.L.Bean, Eddie Bauer, and HPshopping.

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