"Megatrend CSR?"

16 Jun 2008|Added Value

Published in: Markenartikel edition 6/2008
Author: Dr. Hildegard Keller-Kern

Whether FAZ, The Times, Le Figaro or all the others: ethical issues move more and more into the fore of public interest. The media are full of articles about ethical behaviour, responsibility and ecology. Alongside long-time issues such as global warming and the environmentalism, sensibility for social justice is increasing in this country and elsewhere. Currently the consequences of the world’s exploding food prices leaves us baffled. How did this happen? And now what? The call for the powerful ones of this world – may it be governments or the industry – to take responsibility is getting louder. The attitude of people is globally subjected to a remarkable transformation – a transformation that was predicted for years and is evolving into a mega trend. The topic is Responsibility. Increasingly companies are summoned to act responsibly. The bigger they are and the more global they act, the better. Expectations are on the rise.
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