BfG News Issue 12 - Eco Innovations

02 May 2008|Added Value

BIKEGreen Bean Machine – BIKECAFFE™ is hitting a London street corner near you. 100% environmentally friendly, the ‘stall’ is powered by pedal (zero emissions) and all waste materials are recycled.  Their claim: “ the only footprints we leave are those of our happy customers!” 



CARGOBIKEPedal Delivery – another entrepreneurial innovation for the versatile two-wheeler. In this case it’s 3 wheels:  french company La Petite Reine, hire their fleet of 60 Cargocycles to businesses for small to medium-sized urban deliveries over a distance of up to 30 km. Each Cargocycle can transport about 180 kg of merchandise in its 1,400-liter cargo space, with the help of an electric assist motor.


MOTOPOWERMotopower – Motorola’s project in Uganda offers free mobile phone charging to local consumers at any of its 55 solar-powered kiosks. Not just energy efficient, the kiosks are run by women who also sell handsets and operator SIM cards and provide repair services. For local people without their own phones, the kiosks effectively function as a local “phone booth” for making occasional calls as well.


OLYMPICFlat-packed stadium – with only 2 months before China hosts the 2008 games, the Olympic committee has its sights on a sustainable future.  With construction starting for London’s 2012 games, talks have focused on how the stadium could be bolted rather than welded together, ensuring the materials used allow it to function properly in another country & climate.


RECYCLEDNot just a plastic bag – Ryan Frank’s stool, Ishongololo, made out of orange Sainsbury recycled plastic bags was front and centre at an exhibition for NESTA – the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts – focusing on single use carrier bags and reusable alternatives

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