Fresh Perspectives Podcast: A Discussion on Innovation

30 Apr 2008|Added Value

April 2008

Recently, Cheskin hosted a forum of senior leaders from Added Value offices around the world in order for us to better understand each others’ experience, points of view, and the unique challenges that our global and local clients are encountering as they develop and evolve their products, services, and brands.

In this podcast CEO Darrel Rhea sits down with Jonathan Hall, CEO of Added Value France, and Ben Wood, Director at Added Value France, to discuss their perspectives on client best practices in product, brand and service innovation.

Jonathan Hall
CEO Added Value France

Jonathan joined the Added Value Group in 2005 and became CEO for Added Value France in January 2008. He has spent his entire career in brand strategy development and innovation, helping to build brands for products, services, companies, institutions and places around the world.

His innovation experience is multi-category and includes running the global innovation programme for Cadbury Schweppes, leading international innovation projects for Nestle across multiple categories, developing new offerings for Guinness in Asia, financial services and insurance innovation processes and services for HBOS and Aviva, leisure offer development for Marriott and Whitbread and new technology offers for Motorola and NCR.

Ben Wood
Director Added Value France

After 5 years at Added Value London, Ben transferred to Paris in 1998 to help develop the French office.  Ben leads international innovation/NPD, segmentation, brand positioning, trend and retail strategy projects and specialises in the fashion, fmcg, beer & spirits, luxury and automotive categories

Ben is passionate about innovation and a central force in developing and implementing new tools and methods to drive innovation (e.g leading edge consumers, experts, mega trends, creative digital communities). Ben is part of the global thought leadership on innovation and has spoken at several conferences on the subject.

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