Brand Feel - The CSR-feeling for Government, NGO's and companies

14 Mar 2008|Added Value

 The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility is booming and people are also willing to adapt to the challenges involved: individuals are just as obligated as the government and businesses.
This generates a multitude of questions.  Is technological progress leading the way out of crisis? Is bio diesel good or bad for the environment? Is the welfare system just about to collapse? And whose answers can we believe? Those of the government, the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or companies? Or are they all just pursuing their own interests?

At the end of the day we all act on impulse. The neuroscience refers to this gut feeling as “Somatic Marker”. It is all about emotions and feelings which alongside rationality build the foundation to every decision.
In an Icon study around this CSR feeling towards the German government, NGOs and companies, we examined the question of how people feel when it comes to socially responsible actions of the above parties. Are the emotions and feelings positive or rather negative? Which expression can be found and how can we describe these emotions and feelings?

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