BfG News Issue 7 - Expert View: Al Gore's point of view

07 Dec 2007|Added Value

Al Gore…Speaking on Economics, Politics and the Environment

The numerous powerful credentials of Al Gore on the international stage are becoming  renowned. The opportunity to hear him speak at the  Leaders in London International Leadership Summit was too good to miss. 

Gore’s address on How effective leadership can bring together the parallel and interlinked worlds and objectives of politics, economics, business and the environment’ was inspiring with clear messages for business leaders. In his view the sustainability movement is the ‘greatest opportunity in the history of business’… ‘bigger than the industrial revolution because it is global in nature’

Importantly he saw the ‘green agenda’ as a meeting of minds and agendas between business and environmental groups that had to be handled with a realistic tone and direction. He stated that the ‘naive view that businesses can put the bottom line to one side’ was an ‘unacceptable tension’ and a barrier that must be broken down.

He bestowed accolades on the consumer, and their growing awareness and alignment to ethical beliefs; applying these beliefs to their own lives through their lifestyle, brand and product choices and encouragingly their political might.  He cited the landslide victory of Kevin Rudd in Australia’s November election, as the first in many environmentally driven political races.  The Australian ratification of the Kyoto Treaty signals a real step change and supports one of Al Gore’s key messages that ‘politicians and political parties are a renewable resource’.

So how do you summarise an inspiring man’s speech into 300 words…bullet points of course! 

There were numerous messages but the key ones for business were:
1. Learn enough (about the green agenda) so that you feel comfortable with what is going on
2. Find ways to become carbon neutral, that are relevant to your business
3. Change the way you view your carbon footprint.  See it as a measure of inefficiency and waste!  Then find ways to become more efficient
4. Ultimately see it as a business opportunity – one that aligns two key business agendas: growth and cost savings
5. Don’t miss the boat because it will happen and it is better to be part of developing the road ahead than having to play catch up

Kristy Richards
Project Director

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