Added Value partners with Sainsbury’s on ethical innovation

16 Oct 2007|Added Value

Sainsbury’s has been working with Added Value to explore ways to provide shoppers with products and services that help consumers growing demand for more ethically responsible products. The first of these innovations hits the shelves this week, with the launch of the Cleanhome range of green household cleaning products.

Added Value carried out qualitative research with mainstream and environmentally aware consumers to explore their attitudes and needs in the household cleaning sector. From five positioning platforms developed by Sainsbury’s marketing team, Added Value helped the retailer select the most motivating for consumers upon which to build the range.

 “The key consumer insight is that while superior cleaning power is the number-one priority, consumers will choose products that are environmentally responsible, as long as there’s no trade-off on functionality or price” says Lucy Richardson, CEO at Added Value UK.

Leading the way on biodegradability and avoiding unnecessary chemicals, Sainsbury’s Cleanhome is a range of seven hard-working formulations which use sustainably sourced natural plant-based ingredients to deliver outstanding cleaning performance, at no additional cost to the Sainsbury’s shopper. Wherever possible, all packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Alison Austin, Sainsbury’s Head of Brand Policy and Sustainability, says:“ We are very passionate about finding ways to help our customers make a big difference to the environment, and one way of doing this is introducing greener options for everyday products.”

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