Why ethical brand management should be more than just a fashion theme

16 Sep 2007|Added Value

Published in: Marketing Journal – special edition „Trust“
Christoph Prox
Time does change. Less than two years Marketing-Germany moaned about the still uncontrolled, excessive stretching of “stinginess is cool” culture fearing that branded products could be permanently damaged. And not so long ago, as studies characterised the youth as hedonistic, self-focused and less willing to take responsibility with no real interest in welfare. Now, not even a year after the World Climate Report from the UN, a global turmoil on the subjects of sustainability, good corporate governance and the new German Corporate Social Responsibility are on everyone’s lips. One CSR forum after another is taking place. Even the IAA, the fair for Germany’s favourite child, the car, with the theme “green week”, energy giants with high CO2 producer engines turning into the environmental angels, Smart moves from Lifestyle to Eco carriage and Volvic builds wells in Africa. The world is suddenly full of goody two shoes.
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