My model girlfriend, and the girl next door

25 Aug 2007|Lee Shupp

I’ve been trying to describe the difference between my iPod and my Zune to people, and here’s the best description that I’ve come up with. My iPod is like my model girlfriend, and my Zune is like the girl next door.

My iPod is like my model girlfriend. Not my “model girlfriend” but “model who is my girlfriend.” She looks very good, is sleek and slinky, dazzling to behold. She could be ebony, bronze, or albino. She is flashy, always attract attention, is used to being fawned upon. But she’s also high maintenance, and can’t be depended upon. She breaks down in public places. She does weird, embarrassing things when you least expect it. She requires constant attention. She likes to go to parties, but gets tired and bitchy after she’s been “on” for a while. And she will leave you, in the lurch, when you least expect it. Yes, I’m on my third iPod, and while I resent my iPods leaving me, I still feel the allure of the next one, because she is just so beautiful… even though I know that she will eventually break my heart, again.

My Zune is the girl next door. Not so sleek and slinky, not plain Jane but more of a regular gal. She could be black, brown, or white. She dresses fashionable but not flashy, wearing knockoffs of designer clothes. She’s low maintenance, and generally very dependable. She’s easy to hang out with, but won’t stun you with her beauty or give you an unexpected delight. She’s good through thick or thin. She doesn’t make you do things her way, but doesn’t entice you with her novel ways either. So far she shows no signs of leaving, but we haven’t know each other for very long yet. I don’t lust over her, but I’m slowly becoming emotionally dependent upon her.

My Dell Digital DJ is like my mom. Been around a long time, square and proud of it, not given into fad or fashion. She is smart but her knowledge is a bit dated, and she does not understand new technology so well. In fact, she is getting further out of touch with tech as time moves on. (Yes, nobody supports my Dell Digital DJ any more, so I’m stuck with the songs that are on it.) But dependable as can be, through thick and thin, and always there for me in the clutch. Laugh if you want, but my Dell, my first ever mp3 player, has outlasted 3 iPods and we’re still counting.

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