BfG News Issue 2 - Expert View: Partnering with an NGO

02 Jun 2007|Added Value

Partnering with an NGO

Each month News invites one of our experts to give us their view on a topical issue. This month, we asked Dax Lovegrove, Business & Industry Relations, WWF to give us his view on the importance of NGO partnerships with businesses:

Since our well-being and long-term business success ultimately relies upon the health of our natural world – nature’s capacity to provide a stable climate, supply vital natural resources and manage consumer waste must be protected.  Aligning economic growth with conservation in this way will serve the interests of society and the private sector. Fortunately, businesses are increasingly recognising their responsibilities to society and the environment.  WWF engages those businesses who look to manage their own environmental footprint and works in partnership to drive new market frameworks that enable companies to perform more sustainably.  We provide support for businesses on such a journey while promoting environmental leadership as a business asset.

Once such example of this partnership is our internal engagement programme with Nokia.  This global partnership which started in 2003, and now incorporates a common learning website, training workshops, business case building programs, and road shows on environmental issues, enables thousands of Nokia employees to familiarise themselves with ecological matters and become more aware of environmental considerations in both their professional and private lives. From this, Nokia have also created a platform for external stakeholders to discuss current environmental concerns within the business.

We are also embarking on a 5-year partnership with HSBC for their newly-created “Climate Partnership” comprising WWF, The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and HSBC itself. HSBC Group Chairman Stephen Green said, “The HSBC Climate Partnership will achieve something profoundly important. By working with four of the world’s most respected environmental organisations and creating a ‘green taskforce’ of thousands of HSBC employees worldwide, we believe we can tackle the causes and impacts of climate change. Over the next five years HSBC will make responding to climate change central to our business operations and at the heart of the way we work with our clients across the world.”

Through these partnerships, WWF challenges conventional business thinking to realise commercial opportunities through environmental leadership.  We believe greater efficiencies in natural resource use and best practice in carbon management will enhance business competitiveness. We bring to the party our expertise in environmental insights around climate change, forestry, water, the marine environment, and species – and our credibility, through association with WWF, as one of the most trusted brands.

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