Branding for Good News - Issue 2

02 Jun 2007|Added Value


Welcome to Issue 2 of  News,  Added Value’s monthly newsletter on ethical marketing.

Once again, we’ve been exposed to a rollercoaster ride of media announcements as business and government face up to the challenge of combating climate change. UK Prime Minister,Tony Blair, stood alongside brands including Sky, B&Q and Barclaycard to launch the “We’re in this Together” campaign, whilst it looks like the US will finally agree on global CO2 emmission targets at the G8 summit this week.

We are also seeing a slow, yet positive shift emerging as global businesses start to take ownership of the issue. News Corporation and IBM are two of the latest to publicly pledge their commitment, quoting impressive financial and organisational investment.

Are technology companies lagging behind in the race to fight climate change?
The UK’s Marketing Week commissioned Added Value to delve into the technology sector to find out what companies were doing, if anything.  Whilst, we found that many of the companies are busily developing eco-initiatives across the whole infrastructure, our research showed that 53% of respondents were unable to name a single technology brand that is ‘pro-actively combating climate change’Read more & join our debate …

The Expert’s View:  Partnering with an NGO
Trust and transparency go hand in hand when communicating your environmental strategy.  We asked Dax Lovegrove, Business & Industry Relations, WWF  to give us his view on the importance of NGO partnerships with businesses, and the credibility and expertise that such a partnership can bring.  Read more …

Our debate last month focussed on what you saw as the main priority that Marketing should focus on to help combat carbon emissions.  Our results show your three main priorities were Transportation (30%), Packaging: size, materials, recycled or reusable (20%) and Energy reduction (20%).  We share your views, as Lucy Richardson, CEO Added Value UK, explains in Marketing Week’s green issue. Read more …

Which brand do you think will lead the way in pro-actively combating climate change?  Tell us what you think

Our  Branding for Good client marketing summit will be held on 6th March next year.  “Green 2.0 – Avoid the Greenwash” with keynote speaker Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP.   Click here to purchase CD-Rom of the day.

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