BfG News Issue - Eco Innovations

01 May 2007|Added Value


Eco-friendly paint – Companies like Earthborn are now making sure that their paint is certified free of harmful emissions – look out for the Defra’s Ecolabel logo.
Standby for success – Inventors of the “Standby Saver” from EcoTech UK successfully braved the BBC’s Dragons Den TV show, with all 5 “Dragons” agreeing to invest in the development of this new prototype which senses your normal remote control and cuts the power when you press standby. Potential CO2 savings could reach 1.5million tones per year – and it will probably make a few bob too!
Pumped up Energy – It’s good to know that whilst you’re working up a sweat at the gym or on the dance floor, you could also be generating energy to power the lights. Trials underway in California show that modified running machines generate around 50 watts when used by an average person. 13 machines can generate enough electricity to power 10, 60W light bulbs.

Water just got healthier!  Belu Water has launched the UK’s first carbon neutral water, sourced from Britain using wind power & distributed in the first biodegradable bottle made from corn. And, that’s not all; every bottle sold provides clean water for someone in India for 1 month.


 Easy ‘Green’ flying –

Silverjet, the all-business class airline is leading the way with mandatory carbon offset contributions for all passengers. Flying between London and New York, Silverjet, in partnership with the CarbonNeutral Company, actively involve their customers to offset CO2 emissions in a number of ‘Verified Emission Reduction’ projects such as solar panels in India and wind farms in New Zealand.

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