Test Your Valentine’s Day IQ

20 Feb 2007|Terri Ducay

1. In which country is kissing in public a new phenomenon?
a) Brazil b) China c) Finland

2. In which country is the equivalent to Valentine’s Day called Couple’s Day?
a) Mexico b) Brazil c) Japan

3. In which country does Valentine’s begin with women purchasing chocolate for the men in their lives?
a) Japan b) Russia c) Germany

4. Where can the biggest valentine be found?
a) USA b) China c) Mars

5. Which country expresses its admiration for women on March 8th – International Women’s Day?
a) USA b) Madagascar c) Russia

Answers: 1. B China, 2. B Brazil , 3. A Japan, 4. C Mars , 5. C Russia

In recent years a new phenomenon in China is occurring on Valentine’s Day: kissing in public. What was a cultural taboo is quickly becoming a popular activity. Events like kissing contests are stirring up controversy. One person witnessing such an event was quoted as saying, “Kissing is a custom of foreign countries and does not fit in well with Chinese traditions.” An old man, making his way into the kissing contest crowd, no sooner had he seen what was going on put his hands over the eyes of his grandson.

Celebrated June 12, Brazil’s equivalent to Valentine’s Day is called Dia Dos Namorados (“Couple’s Day”). This is a very romantic time for couples to go out to dinner and give each other special presents. It is not for friends or co-workers, let alone business relationships.

In Japan Valentine’s Day is followed a month later with “White Day.”
Valentine’s Day has become an expensive proposition for women in Japan. They generally purchase giri-choko (obligation chocolate) for their male co-workers and honmei-choko for men they are close to.
A month later, on White Day (March 14), men who received chocolate return the favor with white and non-white chocolate or gifts like jewelry.
White Day was created through a concentrated marketing effort. It’s celebrated in Japan and Korea and gaining momentum in Hong Kong.

The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) captured this unique view of a bright, heart-shaped mesa in the south polar region on November 26, 1999. This feature is located in the Promethei Rupes region near 79.6°S, 298.3°W. The heart is about 255 meters (279 yards) across. Talk about emerging markets!

Russia expresses their admiration for women during Women’s Day.
Russians celebrate Women’s Day on March 8. The international holiday evolved out of political struggles in New York in 1908 and was adopted in Russia following the revolution of 1917.
Today some celebrations still maintain that vibrant political identity. Others are more akin to a combination of a western-style Mother’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day.
Russians purchased 303 million kilograms of boxed chocolates in 2001, more than any other country in the world.

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