Symbian forecasts the death of the PC

18 Oct 2006|Leigh Marinner

The company’s chief executive, Nigel Clifford, told delegates that the dawning era of the smart phone represents a shift “as profound as the Internet and PC were in the 1990s.” He suggested that the popularity of smart phones in the developed world and the “leapfrog economies” phenomenon in developing countries–in which expensive wired infrastructures are bypassed in favor of wireless–would create a situation where there was a “smart phone in every pocket.

We at Cheskin have been forecasting this seachange for years as a result of our observations about consumer behavior in Asia and Europe, and it’s nice to see our predictions coming to pass! In Korea, where mobile broadband is ubiquitous, we hear things like: “My life has changed because of mobile broadband. It’s essential to my daily business and my personal life. Even in the office I have instant access to almost any information or service without having to sit at my desk.”

Interesting comments on this CNet article.

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