Convenience, anyone?

13 Feb 2006|Cynthia Chan

Tokyo, a forever exciting and energetic city, fascinates me in different ways. Aside from sashimi and authentic shabu shabu, its technology wows me all the time. Technology is advancing at full speed every single minute in a wide range of areas, including consumer electronics, robotics, automobiles, etc.

Mobile technology is deeply entrenched in people’s everyday lives in one of the most connected cities in the world. Out of many current technology functionalities, I found “QR Code” most fascinating. QR Code, also known as Quick Response Code, is a technology that brings utmost convenience to mobile users.

Advertisers include small grayish squares in magazines, newspapers and bulletin boards that easily connect users to information. These squares are two-dimensional bar codes which users can point their camera phones (have to be phones that are equipped with QR Code reading software) to capture. Doing that would lead them instantly and easily to a website with more details of the product or service being advertised.

In recent past, if consumers were interested in getting more information, they would have had to either copy the information to the memo pad of their phone, or they would have needed to punch in the full URL in the to connect. Now, all they have to do is to take out their camera phone and capture the image before they are directed to the site itself.

It saves time, make the process much more efficient, and it’s cool!!

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