Steve Jobs to Become Major Hollywood Player.

24 Jan 2006|Terri Ducay


An Associated Press release that came out today was titled: Jobs to Become Major Hollywood Player.
I would argue that well before Disney/Pixar was a done deal that Steve Jobs was already a major Hollywood player.

After all, he singled handedly changed the music buying paradigm with the introduction of the Apple iPod and iTunes online music store. He went on to make a business out of video downloading and was also the man behind podcasting, which has basically been a revolutionary force, allowing anyone to produce and distribute content to a very large audience for almost nothing.

Not to mention setting the standard for animation at Pixar, credited with creating the first fully computer animated movies. And making great entertainment and hundreds of millions of dollars at the same time.

Does this not make Steve a major Hollywood player even without being on Disney’s board?

What is more accurate to say is that Steve is a major Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Global player. He is the only person brilliant enough to have successfully blurred the line between software and hardware, creating products that are not only technically solid and easy to use, they are fun and stylish.

Steve, you’re my man.

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