The Only Way to Fly

08 Jan 2006|Leigh Marinner

Working in the technology business on a daily basis, it’s easy to miss those rare glimpses of how all this technology really changes people’s lives. I have a friend who frequently circumnavigates the globe with several stops in 6 days or less, and has coped by taking sleeping pills. Well, his life has changed judging from the email I got yesterday.

“I am aboard Lufthansa 756 flying 37,000 feet over Karachi, Pakistan on the way to Mumbai, but since you just asked. I logged into our BofA account and found the money just arrived. Good news.

All this courtesy of Connexion by Boeing, a wireless LAN that bounces off a satellite and everything is going through our VPN.

BTW, I am also blasting The Eagles greatest hits through my Bose headphones that are plugged into my Dell which is sucking the tunes down live from the Rhapsody online music service.

This is the ONLY WAY TO FLY. What a world.”

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