Meaningful moments

16 Nov 2005|Added Value

This morning I received an email from the person who has been editing our upcoming book, Making Meaning. It read, “Speaking of meanings, we have a gong here at Peachpit (Steve, Nathan, and Darrel have seen it), that we bang when a book goes to press. Making Meaning actually left the building yesterday, but we held off gonging until today. It acknowledges the meaning of accomplishment, and we’d love to share it with as many of you as can participate. It only takes a minute, if that.”

I dialed the conference call number and was able to participate with the rest of the Peachpit gang in hearing our book get “gonged” and then the cheers from the room. It gave me chills and also reminded me that a company can create meaning for its customers in small personal ways that can have a profound impact.

Another example happened to me last week. I occasionally take the Muni bus to work in the morning. The fairly new driver of the 7am bus not only recognizes me each time, but jokingly gives me a hard time about my unpredictable schedule. Last Friday was no different as she chided me for not being around for a week. She creates a fun warm experience for us morning regulars and she’s certainly influences my positive impression of Muni. For all its faults, I love my public transportation system. It really does mean something to me!

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