To predict business technology innovation, watch consumer behavior

06 Oct 2005|Leigh Marinner

IDC just reported that 1 billion IMs are sent every day between 28 million enterprise users. Growth in the enterprise segment is all thanks to IM crossover from consumer use. MSN Messenger and AOL IM have been widely used for years in the home. We’ve seen the same thing happen with digital cameras. Here at Cheskin we now use our personal digital cameras for recording what’s written on the whiteboard after a brainstorming session, or for snapping shots of the culture while we travel abroad and sending video-postcards to our clients, or for posting visual data on a project site using our internal Sharepoint portal. We’re seeing it happen in gaming as companies use videogame technology and experience to develop training tools and even in scientific research to simulate how people will actually behave during a viral pandemic (e.g. the recent World Of Warcraft virus).

It’s always important for a tech company to monitor what’s going on in the consumer market. Too often consumer technology is relegated to stepsister status and not considered real hardcore technology. The crossover phenomenon is real and can dramatically change the business market.

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