The Bling of Blogging

07 Jul 2005|Darrel Rhea

Someone just asked me what I thought the value of blogging has been for Cheskin, after our launching our corporate blog some 30 months ago in 2003. My take is that it’s been an entirely valuable exercise for us. Blogging connects our organization to the world in a way that is tangibly different from other forms of communication. This is probably true for most serious (regular) bloggers. Revealing yourself engages you in a broader discourse; you become a participant in the world in a different way. It’s a subtle attitudinal change that has us show up as more responsible citizens.

The other thing about blogging is being humbled by the power of words. While they can enlighten and inspire, the same words can offend. Blogs are personal, yet quite public when thousands read them. Again, it forces us to be responsible for the “listening” of others.

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