The advantage of being the “beta” generation?

29 Mar 2005|Added Value

Shortly after Sarah Jessica Parker turned 40, GAP announced her replacement – 17 year old Joss Stone . A few days later I hopped on a commuter flight and was seated between a man giving a presentation in Oakland and Bethany, an 8 year old visiting her grandparents in Seattle. As soon as we were situated, the first (and only) of us to flip down the tray table and flip open a laptop was Bethany. That would be a pink Barbie laptop . This, after visiting my sister where my 4 year old niece declined my help to launch her favorite CDs on the Mac and navigate through the games and stories.

Searching for evidence that approaching “a certain age” didn’t mean certain obsolescence, I was satisfied to hear in a meeting yesterday that teens for the most part are more focused on content and experience than the behind-the-scenes workings of the technology. Those of us from the “beta” generation had to deal with the idiosyncrasies of new computing technology on a daily basis and have the clear advantage of a figure-it-out approach. I take solace in being relied on to fix the jammed CD drive when that favorite Clifford CD won’t spin. And I bet Joss Stone can’t sew a new hem on those stylish Gap khakis.

There, I feel better – age and experience are worth something 😉

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