The Cheskin Experience

06 Feb 2005|Darrel Rhea

A new year is always good for regeneration, with the first part of that process being re-assessment and re-focus. This January we took a few moments at Cheskin HQ to do just that — but our intention wasn’t to declare individual resolutions. Instead, we made it a company-wide exercise, deeply aware that we aren’t just a “company,” we are a team.

What is new for us this year is our increased emphasis on the “Cheskin Experience.” We define that as the experience we want to design for ourselves and each other at Cheskin, and the experience we want to create for our clients. “Experience” can be an elusive concept, so we are tenacious in drilling down to uncover just what that means—starting with our shared desire to create a transformative experience for our clients and ourselves, in order to dramatically transform their ability to accomplish their desired outcomes. We concentrate on delivering this through creating powerful learning experiences for ourselves and our clients (going beyond standard interpretations to deliver deeper, broader and more original insights); offering up the experience of collaboration to create an innovating community with them that’s far greater than the sum of its parts; and creating the experience of inspiration.

This last part, the Inspirational aspect, is probably what I love the most and dedicate a good part of my life to: creating experiences that profoundly touch, move and inspire. This experience can take multiple forms: intriguing…exciting…moving…and captivating people. How great to be a part of a team that is committed to doing that! – because we believe that regardless of the form, an experience that inspires almost always results in more effective action and more valuable outcomes. We have all experienced the “WOW!” in projects at one time or another. And when that happens, we produce some mind-blowing stuff.

There is hard work involved in creating this, the kind of work that is based on trust, in order to build team-oriented collaborative relationships that result in inspiration-driven processes. Building trust with others can mean the difference between a disastrous project (or relationship) and one that is a fulfilling, inspiring experience.

What I really like about the Cheskin’s experience principles is that they aren’t just a bunch abstractions intended to position the Cheskin brand. These are cultural standards we set for ourselves to improve our process, our products, our work environment and our daily lives. It’s exciting!

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