Back from Bass Lake

10 Aug 2003|Christoper Ireland

I spent the last week with 35 or so close family members at a small lake near Yosemite. I could blog for hours on the pure pleasure of hanging out with people you’ve known all your life, but that’s not content for this site. However, while I tried very hard not to think of work, there were a few observations I couldn’t miss:

–My 22 year old neice was sending messages to her boyfriend on her cell phone while watching TV and talking with the rest of us. She had no trouble engaging with all three mediums.
–My 19 year old neice took her laptop with her on the boat. When she wasn’t on the water, she’d often sit reading a book, while listening to songs on her laptop with earphones.
–My son and his young family introduced me to the Oblongs–a very bizarre look at popular culture that makes Bart Simpson look dated.
–My 16 year old neice asked me to find a Starbucks so she could download some MP3 files.
–My 13 year old nephew was stunned to be in a house that didn’t have a broadband connection. He couldn’t understand how anyone could live that way.

I know from the studies we’ve done on youth populations that these are very normal kids. It was fascinating to see how easily and comfortably they integrate technology into normal activities.

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