Barbie's Blog

23 Jul 2003|Christoper Ireland

I was not surprised to learn that Barbie has her own blog. At the risk of enraging business women every where, I’m going to give Barbie credit for being an early adopter and having some positive influences.

Maybe I was just more open to interpretation, but the first Barbie I had suggested possibilities to me that I hadn’t considered. For example, she had her own house without a husband. She had an outrageous pink convertible. She was capable of being an astronaut, a doctor, a movie star or a librarian. In fact, she could be all of them. At the time, she had more options and greater freedom than any real woman I knew. I had no problem looking up to her.

Did her influence skew my development in some perverse way? Maybe, but I don’t have giant fake boobs, I don’t wear stilettos, I’m afraid of blue eye shadow and I never wear short skirts. On the other hand, I’m quite capable of buying my own house and my own car, and my job performance depends much more on brains than looks. So if Barbie wants to blog and share her point of view with my 10 year old daughter, I’m not going to protest. She’s no worse than Bart Simpson and arguably far better than Lara Croft.

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