"There's no place like home" branding

04 May 2003|Darrel Rhea

I will go through 5 airports to get home this evening, with 3 taxi rides and a long rainy drive in my car. I am doing the cross country migration. much like those antlered beasts forging rivers, risking life, ever-driving toward the peaceful green resting place. But getting home is always worth it. That feeling of your own bed, your own pillow, your own warm sweetheart, your own warm child. It’s almost primal — that urge to get back to the safety of the cave.

Wouldn’t be nice if your customers felt about your brand like they do their home. That warm, familiar, safe place that you would gladly brave storms, long lines, discomfort, and uncertainty to get to. What could we do to build that warm feeling, to build that level of trust, to have customers breath a sigh of relief when they get to experience your brand?

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